I’m getting closer to retirement and have some questions.

Whether retirement is in your near future or you’re just starting to think about it, there are some important things to consider:

When is the most financially strategic time to retire?

Have you saved enough to enjoy the lifestyle you’re hoping for?

How much you can withdraw from your retirement plans without running out of

*Are taxes going to eat up the money you are counting on?

What are the first steps you should be thinking about?

When you get to a certain age you may find yourself swamped with information about retirement planning. You may even have gone to one of the larger financial institutions or advice but were turned off by the way they just plugged you into one of their demographic formulas while charging you seemingly endless fees.

At Sherman Wealth Management, we take a different approach. We listen to your unique goals for your life post-career and help you determine the best time for you to retire and maximize your income sources to transition smoothly in to a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Ready to start adjusting your financial strategies?

Curious about how tax planning can have an impact on your savings?

Have there been changes in your marital status?

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