Business Planning

Employee 401K Programs

Your organization’s 401(k) plan is an extremely important piece of your overall employee benefits package. Changes in the 401(k) marketplace have brought about a greater need for plan oversight, monitoring, and overall compliance on for employer. Our goal for plans, both big and small, is to improve the cost-effectiveness and improve overall participation.

Plan Design & Administration

We will review your current plan and give a breakdown of how well it is meeting your – and your employees’ – needs. For example, does your current plan help drive participation among employees? Does your current plan offer a sufficient amount of funds to allow your employees to diversify properly? Are there areas in the technology that can be upgraded, including reporting and compliance?

Investment Selection & Monitoring

As independent advisors, we have access to a wide arrange of funds and investment options. We select funds based on two main criteria: performance and cost-effectiveness. To complement our initial recommendation of the funds that we feel are best suited to meet the needs of your plan, we provide ongoing monitoring of their success in meeting plan needs.

Employee Education & Consulting

As an important component of your plan, we provide on-site education programs for your employee meetings on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. During these informative sessions, we cover various topics to encourage participation, financial planning, and a long-term investment approach. We have found that these group sessions are an important factor in building and supporting higher participation and buy-in from your team.

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Work With Us

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We at Sherman Wealth Management want to work with you to make your goals and needs a reality. Whether you’re located in Maryland or Washington, DC, or if you’re across the country or world, we offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory call where we review your portfolio and financial goals and discuss ideas to get you on track to meeting those goals.