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We are a fiduciary to our clients, but we are also, in some respects, a concierge and a coach. What we mean is that we work with you in an all-encompassing way – ensuring your specific needs are being heard, understood and proactively addressed.

Our upfront process is a bit more involved than the rest. But it has proven to uncover key insights that otherwise would be missed. And as a result, your financial solutions are more perfectly aligned with your needs, wants and dreams.

Our network of client advocates and resources is far-reaching. They are experts in their respective disciplines, but they are also vetted for alignment with how we commit to serving you. So, whether we team up with your chosen professionals or utilize our team of professionals, our commitment to you remains the same.

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Brad Sherman's story

"It starts with education and empowerment to reach financial freedom"

The concepts of money and finance have been deeply rooted in Brad’s world from a very young age. Whether finding entrepreneurship in a baseball card business, buying and selling stocks at age 16 or playing competitive games of blackjack with his grandparents, Brad quickly learned how to turn a dollar into many.

As money and the stock market were always a topic of conversation at their home, Brad also got to see the less appealing side of the industry. His mom, a schoolteacher, was given much conflicting financial advice and was presented with limited options based on the biases of the financial institutions. His father, an attorney, was denied service because his wealth wasn’t “enough” for the big establishments. His immigrant grandparents (although solid competitors in a game of cards) died with very little despite their strong work ethic.

Brad received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters in Finance from American University, Kogod School of Business. 

Devoted to making an impact on the community, Brad is a frequent contributor to many leading financial publications, a proud member of the Rockville and Gaithersburg Chambers of Commerce, and devotes his time to a variety of local community organizations, like The Jewish Federation, So What ElseMontgomery County Coalition for the Homeless and Wall Street Bound to raise the tide of knowledge in money management and financial education.

Brad lets his curiosity about people lead his interactions. He simply likes to relate to people, whether talking about the latest pop culture trends, fantasy baseball and football, or family adventures of raising young children. But mostly, he wants to put his clients at ease, understanding what their specific needs and concerns are and perhaps imparting a handful of financial lessons he has learned along the way.


Ashley Perlmutter

Financial Advisor & Director Of Client Experience

Ashley’s superpower is her creativity and desire to be and do things “differently.” Not only does she inspire others with her unique fashion and personal style, but she’s always bringing a fresh set of ideas on how to build stronger relationships with clients and evolve the firm’s services in innovative ways. Ashley loves engaging clients with the unexpected to make them feel valued and appreciated, providing them with customized financial solutions to meet their needs and goals.

Ashley has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University Honors College and Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. An interesting fact about Ashley is her love for sports. Not only is she a raving sports fan (Washington Football Team, Nationals, Miami Heat), but put Ashley on a lacrosse field and see her display some wicked ball skills!

What does Be Empowered by Your Finances mean to me?

“As a young, independent professional woman, being empowered by my finances means understanding how to manage my money so that I can set myself up for financial success.”

What does Be Empowered by Your Finances mean to me?

"I’m passionate about the intersection of history, economics, culture and politics. Particularly, the effect of monetary and fiscal policies, the major historical and cultural decisions and the impact they’ve had on human lives for decades to come. "

Andrew W. Prescott III

Financial Planner

Andrew is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner at Sherman Wealth. With 20 years of vast experience in investments, personal finance, and taxes, Andrew helps craft financial plans and investment portfolios for our clients. Andrew uses a holistic and intentional approach to help Sherman Wealth clients with their financial planning needs. 

Andrew majored in finance and has a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Miami. He earned his MS in Financial Management from UMUC and earned his CFP™ in 2015. He is also the founder, president, & financial planner at Ocean Breeze Wealth. 

What does Be Empowered by Your Finances mean to me?

“Making financial decisions daily that bring my family closer to our long term financial goals”

Brooke rickett

Office Manager

Brooke excels at business process development and managing multiple objectives. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Leisure and Sport Management from Elon University. After graduating, she spent 10 years working as a Meeting Planner and small business owner. In those roles she mastered customer service, attention to detail, multitasking, and implementing order and efficiency in processes.

Outside of work, Brooke also wears many hats; being a mother to four kids, organizing school initiatives as the PTA Vice President, and serving on the finance committee as the Preschool Board Secretary. When she makes some time for herself, she enjoys training/competing in triathlons, and enjoying a great margarita. 

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