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Our Commitment

Hello and Welcome!

I founded Sherman Wealth Management because I believe you deserve the highest level of individualized attention, regardless of the size of your financial profile. Not a one-size-fits-all or an algorithm-driven plan, but a plan that works for you.

As a fiduciary, fee-only, conflict-free advisory, I have sworn to only recommend investment choices that work best for you, not “good enough” ones that offer me sales commissions.

And, unlike big investment firms that are more concerned about shareholder value than your value, my single goal is for you to feel comfortable about your investment choices and strategies, and confident about your future.

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Young Business Professional

Mid Career Professional

Small Business Owners

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Young Business Professional

You’re building your career, receiving stock in your company— – and maybe even starting a family— – and it’s time to get serious about your finances.

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Mid Career Professional

You’re in the midst of a successful career as an executive or partner and want to be proactive about investing, understanding RSUs, and keeping more of your building wealth.

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Small Business Owners

You have a lot on your plate and need advice on benefits, business finances, tax brackets, and reinvesting into your business.

How Risky Are Your Investments?

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Take our Risk Assessment to understand your natural inclination toward risk and we’ll tell you if your current portfolio is right for you, or if we need to make adjustments to better fit your personality and expectations.

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We take your success personally. Wherever you are in your financial journey, there's no better time to start thatn today.


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