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Ep. 57 Launch Financial- Are Inflationary Numbers Here to Stay?

Overview:  Join us this week on Launch Financial for Ashley’s special birthday episode as we discuss whether inflationary numbers are here to stay, southwest cancellations and holiday travel, and market
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Ep 56 Launch Financial- Debt Ceiling & Market Volatility

Overview: Tune into this week’s episode of Launch Financial as we unpack a big news week, including debt ceiling, inflation, market volatility, Facebook’s social media outage, and more.  What You’ll Learn: 
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Ep. 55 Launch Financial- End of the 3rd Quarter Wrap-Up

Overview:  Join us on the 55th episode of Launch Financial with Ashley & Brad as we wrap-up the 3rd quarter discussing the great volatility in the markets this week and
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Ep. 54 Launch Financial- The Federal Reserve & China’s Impact On The Markets

Overview:  Join us on this week’s episode of Launch Financial as we discuss the dips in the market this week, jobless claims, and more!  Check out this episode!
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Ep. 53 Launch Financial- Unpacking The Recent Tax Proposal and How it May Affect You with Shawn Donovan

Overview:  Curious about the details of the most recent tax proposal and how it may affect you and your financial situation? If so, tune into this episode of Launch Financial
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Ep. 52 Launch Financial- The True Value of A Financial Plan

Overview:  Join us for a special Friday edition of Launch Financial with Ashley & Brad as we discuss the true value of a financial plan, understanding your employee benefits, inflation,
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Ep. 51- Launch Financial- Back To School & Fall Financial Planning

Overview:  Happy Fall-We missed you all! Join us this week for our back to school & fall financial planning episode of Launch Financial as we discuss how to get your
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Ep.50 Launch Financial- CryptoPunks and All Time Highs in The Market

Overview:  Join us on the 50th episode of Launch Financial as we discuss all time highs in the market, CryptoPunks, the Pfizer vaccine, and more!  What You’ll Learn: Despite market
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Ep. 49 Launch Financial-How To Assign Familial and Financial Duties within a Relationship with David Pearl

Overview:  Tune into this week’s episode of Launch Financial as we are joined by recurring special guest, Music City Pysch’s, David Pearl. On this episode, David discusses strategies couples should
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