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What’s Nonnegotiable Is What Makes Us Uniquely Different

There’s no heavy technical industry jargon, no pretense, no judging. Just a thoughtful dialogue to create our mutual understanding, so that your unique financial plan accomplishes the future you envision.

We use the latest, most advantageous platforms, tools, apps and other technology solutions. The value of algorithms, analysis, projecting, tracking and interactive real-time interface is unequivocal and serves to present the most optimal solutions.

But, what’s more important than the technology is what we do with it.

Your financial future requires focused “human” judgment and financial expertise.
We work within your risk tolerances and behavioral biases.

There are no boiler plates. No one size fits all. 

No matter where you are in your financial journey, let us bring you to the next step.

Here are some of the topics we can cover


We have an amazing network of experts who can help with more specialized aspects of your financial life.
However, we will also work with your own selected professionals.
Because, what’s best for you is what’s best for all.

OUr HOLISTIC financial planning process covers the FOLLOWING areas:

Cash Flow & Debt Management
We will conduct a review of your income and expenses. We will provide advice on prioritizing how best to appropriate surplus and reduce expenses as well as which debts to pay off first based on the interest rate of the debt and any income tax ramifications. We may also recommend an appropriate cash reserve for emergencies and other financial goals. All of your accounts (e.g., checking, savings, investments, all assets and liabilities) are placed on our app so you always have a snapshot at your fingertips.
College Savings & Student Loan Planning
We will project the amount needed to achieve college or other postsecondary education funding goals. We will recommend savings strategies for your children or grandchildren, and if needed, determine eligibility for financial aid. For those with current student loans, we will provide you with loan payoff strategies that fit within your budget to reduce your debt.
Employee Benefits Optimization & Insurance Needs Analysis
We will review and analyze whether you, as an employee, are taking the maximum advantage possible of your employee benefits. If you are a business owner, we will recommend various benefit programs that can be structured to meet both business and personal retirement goals. We then will look outside your company benefits and provide analysis on your needs outside your workplace, such as insurance.
Estate Planning
An analysis of your current estate plan includes review of a will, powers of attorney, trusts and other related documents. We look at ways to minimize or avoid future estate taxes by implementing appropriate estate planning strategies such as trusts. We will also explore philanthropy, donor advised funds, gifting appreciated stock, etc. We can recommend attorneys who specialize in estate planning and participate in meetings, as needed.
Business Planning
Your organization’s 401(k) plan is an extremely important piece of your overall employee benefits package. Whether your plan is big or small, our goal is to improve cost-effectiveness and overall participation. Changes in the 401(k) marketplace have brought about a greater need for plan oversight, monitoring and overall compliance for the employer. We will review your current plan and give a breakdown of how well it is meeting your and your employees’ needs.
Investment Analysis
Investment Analysis involves developing an asset allocation strategy to meet your financial goals and risk tolerance, providing information on investment vehicles and strategies, reviewing employee stock options, as well as assisting you in establishing your own investment account at a selected broker-dealer/custodian.
Retirement Planning
We review projections of your likelihood of achieving your financial goals and provide advice on appropriate distribution strategies to minimize the likelihood of running out of money or having to adversely alter spending during your retirement years
Risk Management
A risk management review includes an analysis of your exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial picture, such as premature death, disability, property and casualty losses or the need for long-term care. We provide advice on ways to minimize such risks, weighing the costs and benefits of purchasing insurance as well as the potential cost of not purchasing insurance (“self-insuring”). We can collaborate with your insurance provider or can refer you to one, if needed.
Tax Planning Strategies & Tax Return Review
Tax implications of financial decisions are a significant factor in building wealth. Together with your CPA/EA or tax preparer, we can make recommendations on which type of account(s) or specific investments should be owned based in part on their tax efficiency. Unlike many financial planners, we will review your tax return and offer tax planning on an ongoing basis to help you avoid costly mistakes as you build for your future.


Book a complimentary 30-minute introductory meeting and fill out your pre-meeting checklist to initiate the steps below:

Initial Meeting
In this complimentary meeting, you will gain an understanding of how we will work with you to help maximize your finances and gain access to living the life you love.
Evaluation of Current Needs & Future Goals
We will discuss your current and future financial needs and short- and long-term goals, so that we gain a clear understanding of how we can help you achieve and exceed them.
Analyze your Budget, Spending, Cash Flows
We will analyze all aspects of your financial life to offer a specialized financial blueprint that helps lay the foundation for your personal and professional success.
Review the Results
After our deep dive analysis, we'll present the solutions customized for you. We'll share recommendations that clearly explain exactly what you need to do to reach the financial goals you expressed in our prior meetings.
Implement Your Plan
Taking into account any adjustments, we will provide guidance through each step to help you implement your tailored plan. We will schedule regular check-ins quarterly to ensure your financial plan is on-track and up-to-date.

The Bottom Line: What’s important to you is also important to us, so together, we will work to build your road map to success and maximize the resources available to you.


All new clients begin with an in-depth financial plan to lay the foundation and provide a guiding perspective of their short-, medium- and long-term financial goals.

Fee is based on duration & complexity of our engagement

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Wherever you are along your journey