Deep Dive into Wall Street’s Rollercoaster

In our previous blog, we discussed the recent short squeeze events that occurred on Wall Street. In addition to the short stock names, the last thirteen months in the stock market have been a rollercoaster, with the coronavirus pandemic, the federal reserve, post inauguration record market highs, an influx in “TikTok” day traders, and a great deal of record earnings reports. Check out the wild ride the stock market took in the last 12 months.


Through all these various events, social media has played a large role. News sources, TikTok, the twitter world, and celebrities have blown up the media, sharing their opinions and beliefs. The Dave Portnoy’s of the world believe one thing, while Mark Cuban, Ja Rule, and TikTok are saying another, that’s what makes a “market”. Remember some of these same people told you to sell at the bottom in March when COVID-19 was hitting. With the strong influence and prevalence of social media, it’s hard to know what to believe and where to get your conflict-free advice from. Remember, these TikTok “experts” and celebrities are not financial advisors and do not have the full scope of your financial situation when they post their advice online.  

We know it’s hard not to get swept up in the media and fads at the time, but we encourage you to drown out the noise and focus on the decisions that really matter. Focus on your long-term investment goals and strategies to make sure your financial future is secure. For those who are involved with short-term investments, remember to only risk what you are comfortable with losing and keep in mind tax implications. Everyone’s situation is quite different, and the media won’t always reflect your personal financial situation. 

When the market is volatile and unexpected events may occur, however, we encourage our clients to try to ignore the investment biases that occur. At Sherman Wealth, we believe that all individuals should have access to capital markets, no matter their financial situation. We encourage our clients to diversify their portfolios, invest fearlessly, but successfully at the same time. We know this last year has been a wild ride and quite confusing for some, so we want to help you understand. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help your current situation moving forward, please contact us at or schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation here


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