Here’s Why Millennials Need To Get Started Early Financially

Are you young and jump starting your career? Heading up the corporate/financial ladder but still worried you will not reach your financial goals? Don’t fret, many others out there are in the same boat, especially millennials. We have been writing about millennials and their increasing wealth in previous blogs, however, we have yet to touch on how those individuals feel about reaching their financial dreams. 

According to a survey by Broadridge, “of the 39% of millennials not using a financial advisor, the majority (65%) plan to begin using one in the next two years.” They found that “the demographic is more comfortable with investing than the total population, with 65% of millennials using self-directed brokerage accounts, compared with 52% of all investors surveyed.” 

At Sherman Wealth, we work with millennials, regardless of their financial status or assets, and help them reduce their financial stress and meet their financial goals. Our team works diligently to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology that is well built for tech savvy millennials and helps them view all their finances in one place. With the overflow of social media and conflicting sources in the media, as a young individual, it’s very easy to get swept up in fads and social media trends, resulting in poor financial decisions. Given the data listed earlier, this is a real opportunity for you to let us help you get started at a young age and try to hit those goals you have set for yourself and your future. If you have any questions or are interested in learning how we can help you, reach out to us at or schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation here.

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