How to Talk Money In A Relationship : Valentines Day Edition

Money conversations with your partner aren’t always the easiest or the most fun. With today being Valentine’s Day, a day in which we show love and affection for those around us, we thought we would discuss how to better your relationship with strong communication skills surrounding money. 

Financial wellness and empowerment is extremely important on an individual level, but is also equally as important within a partnership and relationship. Let’s discuss some tips to help you get those money conversations started with not only your partner, but your friends and family too! 

First and foremost, communication within any type of relationship is key. Creating a safe, honest, and trustworthy foundation and space for your partner to speak freely is a great starting place to kickstart uncomfortable money conversations. It is only natural that two people within a relationship have a different experience and upbringing with money and what it means to them. However, in order to overcome this difference and disparity, you must be willing to break down your communicative barriers to reach a common ground and understanding of what money means to your new relationship instead of just individually. 

Another tip when it comes to finances within a relationship is realizing that the assistance and advice of an unbiased party is welcomed and normal! If you and your partner find yourselves having a difficult time agreeing on what money means to you both as a couple, consider seeking advice from a financial professional who can view the situation on a macro level and provide insight. Accepting guidance and potentially allowing a third party to facilitate these conversations is another good way to cover some ground during these money discussions. 

Keep in mind that if you and your partner don’t automatically agree on your relationship to money, that you are not alone- it’s normal! According to a survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Personal Capital, “Data from the online interviews reveal that about 57% of U.S. adults say the pandemic has increased the financial stress in their current relationships.” We know that money stress can put weight on a relationship, which is why we are here to help! We recorded several podcast episodes with psychotherapist David Pearl discussing more on how to get these uncomfortable money conversations started and how to work through them. If you would like to talk with us about your relationship finances, email us at or schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation here

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