Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Financial Advisor

Whether it’s your first time working with a financial advisor or you are searching for a new one, it’s important to make sure you ask the right questions to ensure the advisor you choose will be a good fit and will help you reach your financial goals. Comfortability and the potential for a long-lasting relationship are just a few things to look for when seeking out and interviewing potential advisors. 

You should feel a sense of assurance, trust and transparency when working with a financial professional who will be advising you about your money and future investment goals.  So, in order to ease the selection process for you, we want to point out some good questions to ask when searching for the right financial advisor. 

  • Are you a fiduciary? Is your advice conflict free? Fee only?
  • What services does your company provide?
  • What is your compensation and revenue structure? 
  • What exactly am I paying for in terms of services and advice rendered? 
  • Do you receive commissions on any particular advice or recommendations? 
  • What are the core values of your firm and investment philosophy?
  • Can you give me a background of your firm and its evolution? 
  • Do you take a holistic financial approach to investments and financial planning?

Finding the right financial advisor may take some time and can be an overwhelming process. At Sherman Wealth, we believe that life is complicated, but your finances shouldn’t be. We provide our clients with fee-only, customized solutions that not only improve their financial education, but help them reach their life and financial goals.

Choosing the right advisor should be simple, feel natural and put you at ease. If you are seeking unbiased, conflict-free advice, the financial professional you choose should be a legal fiduciary and fee-only, meaning they always act in your best interest, do not receive commissions on recommendations, and eliminate as much conflict as possible. If you have any questions about evaluating financial professionals or are curious about our approach to any of the questions listed above, email us at or schedule a complimentary intro call here. 

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