The Value Of Ongoing Financial Advice

As financial advisors, we work with individuals everyday to deliver value and financial advice. At Sherman Wealth, we specialize and focus on customized financial advice and plans. We often discuss the difference between DIY “do-it-yourselfers” and financial advisors. One very important differentiator between the two is the value of the advice.

We believe that financial advice is most successful when it’s built on a relationship. The reason we strongly believe in customized plans is because no investors are alike. Therefore, it’s prudent to work with someone you not only trust, but who will create a plan that is specific to and will reflect your goals and needs and adjust them as they change over time.

When looking for the right advisor to provide you advice, make sure they can help in these three overarching areas: investments, planning, and ongoing advice. I’d say one aspect many individuals don’t focus on is the ongoing advice component. We always tell our clients and prospects that a one-time financial plan is just a roadmap and snapshot in time. While that snapshot and roadmap will lay the foundation of your financial future, life is complicated and changes overtime. It’s important to have a trusted individual stay the course with you, jump the hurdles, and adjust your advice as your life becomes more complex.

A timely example of needing ongoing advice is this year. As we’ve been writing about, this year has been off to a very rocky start, and the markets have been digesting lots of uncertainty creating extreme volatility. With inflation at all time highs, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, and individuals adjusting to this economic environment, ongoing advice is prudent. We’ve been working with individuals to adjust their budget to this higher cost of living, as well as revisiting cash ideas and asset allocations based on risk tolerance. If you’ve felt financially uncertain during the course of this year, this is your sign to consider an advisor who will provide you with ongoing advice. If you have any questions and are seeking either a one-time financial plan or an ongoing relationship, email us at or schedule a complimentary intro call here.

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