2021 At Sherman Wealth

As we look back on the last twelve months, we can certainly say 2021 was quite a year. We continued to battle COVID-19 and re-assimilate into pre-pandemic life, we saw lots of market volatility and corrections, and helped many of our clients achieve major financial milestones. 

As we wrap up the year, we want to take a moment to discuss how grateful we are at Sherman Wealth to be able to do the work we do and love and help our clients reach and exceed their financial goals. So what are these financial milestones we are referring to? Let’s check out some of the amazing financial milestones some of our clients hit: 

  • With historically low interest rates this year, we assisted over 25 clients with their refinancing! And 5 went house shopping and ended up with a new home! 
  • Eleven families had children this year! And for those who already have children, 45 of them contributed to their children’s 529 plans to save for their college tuition. 
  • Charitable giving is always top of mind. At Sherman Wealth, we always are looking for ways to get involved in local givebacks and serve the local community. In fact, Brad Sherman was named Board Member of the Year 2021 at So What Else, which was extremely exciting for the Sherman Wealth team. Others were spreading the love too, with 11 clients contributing to their donor advised funds or donating stock!
  • While COVID-19 taught us the importance of having a solid financial foundation in place, it also proved that life insurance, wills, medical derivatives, and powers of attorneys are crucial in such unfortunate times. Many took this up, with 28 clients planning or updating their estate.
  • We always say retirement planning is key, so shout out to almost all our clients who maxed out their retirement contributions for 2021 (And if you’re reading this before the end of the year, you still have time!) 
  • 75 clients got a raise! 
  • 13 clients put their entrepreneurial skills to work this year and started their own company! 

Look at all these amazing accomplishments your peers, family members, and friends achieved this year! While these are just a few of the financial milestones we saw this year, we want to stress the importance of financial independence and that you are only a few steps away from financial freedom. While these goals won’t be accomplished overnight, setting up a financial plan to achieve them is a great place to begin. It’s never too late to start on your path to achieving your future financial goals.

For those of you who are close to hitting your end-of-year 2021 goals, there are still a few weeks left before the end of the year to fund those HSA’s, 401k’s, and 529 plans. If you have any questions about your financial situation or setting up a plan to hit your financial goals, email us at info@shermanwealth.com or schedule a complimentary 30-minute meeting here. 


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