Does Your Financial Advisor Provide These Services?

In our last blog we wrote about questions to ask when evaluating and searching for a financial advisor. Finding the right financial advisor is extremely important, as you want to trust the individual who will be handling your money and providing you with financial advice. We want to continue the conversation and make you aware of the services that your financial professional should be providing and assisting you with.

For starters, when choosing your financial professional, make sure they take a holistic approach to your financial life, encompassing all aspects of your life while making sound recommendations. We believe that in order for your financial advisor to make decisions or give you options that are in your best interest, they should be collecting and analyzing each of these documents. 

  • Employee Benefit Packages 
  • Tax Returns 
  • Bank Accounts 
  • Investment Accounts (401(k), Taxable, IRAs, Annuities, Pension, 529’s, HSA)
  • Real Estate Assets 
  • Estate Documents (Wills, Trusts, Powers Of Attorney, Medical Directives, Beneficiary Designations)
  • Income Statements (Paystubs, W2, Social Security Statements)
  • Expenses (Credit Card Statements, Annual Budgets)
  • Liability Statements (Loans-Car, Mortgage, Student Loans, Etc..)
  • Insurance (Health, Long Term, Life, Disability, Etc..)

Though all seemingly different, each of the bulleted items above work hand in hand with each other to complete your financial picture. When interviewing potential financial advisors, ask questions about their exact services and if they will utilize all the specified documents above when building your financial plan. At Sherman Wealth, we use a holistic and customized approach when creating our clients financial plans, analyzing and unpacking all the listed documents and our customized pre-meeting checklist.  If you have any questions about the specific services Sherman Wealth provides and how to work to build our financial plans, email us at or schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation here

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