Launch Financial- Adapting Your Small Business in the Ever-Changing Business World with Dr. Josh Funk

On this week’s episode of Launch Financial, we are joined by special guest Dr. Josh Funk, Founder and CEO of Rehab 2 Perform. Throughout the episode, Josh shares his experiences creating and expanding his small business and how he has learned to adapt in an ever-changing landscape of the business world and COVID-19.

A little more about Josh, as a lifelong athlete, Josh became interested in becoming a physical therapist when going through PT as a D1 lacrosse player at Ohio State. After avoiding shoulder surgery for a torn labrum and rotator cuff, Josh has been entrenched in the world of physical therapy and sports performance. Over the years, he has continually developed his knowledge base and expertise as a physical therapist through continuing education courses and working with athletes of all ages.

A Montgomery County resident, Josh is heavily involved in all areas of the community throughout the region. In addition to his physical therapy expertise, Dr. Funk has been equally, if not more committed to the growth of his role as CEO of Rehab 2 Perform. He has made sure that his personal development is not just reserved for the clinical side of things, but also to ensuring that Rehab 2 Perform is one of the most well-run and well-known health care companies in the area. Dr. Funk has immersed himself in business programs and community initiatives over the past few years in his efforts to ensure that the team and clients of Rehab 2 Perform are receiving everything they need to be at their best. It is his goal to push Rehab 2 Perform to the forefront of the community through innovation, progressive business operations, strategic growth and clinical excellence.

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