Launch Financial- Teaching Financial Education In The Public School System with Dr. Genevieve Floyd and Maria Tarasuk

Join us on this week’s episode of Launch Financial as we wrap up financial literacy month with Dr. Genevieve Floyd and Maria Tarasuk, both MCPS professionals.

On this week’s episode, Dr. Genevieve Floyd and Maria Tarasuk discuss how Montgomery County Public Schools are instituting financial education in their curriculum and how to better financial literacy across the country as a whole. Financial education is a crucial aspect of child development which is why we wanted to help provide useful resources for you and your family. For access to financial education resources discussed in the episode, click the link here.

More about our special guests, Dr. Genevieve Floyd has been an educator for 31 years. She holds degrees in math, in education, and an MBA. She has served as a teacher and college adjunct professor, department and career academy leader, school-based administrator, central office coordinator, special assistant to the deputy superintendent, and currently supervisor of Career and Postsecondary Partnerships for Montgomery County Public Schools. In her current capacity she oversees all the dual enrollment options for the school district as well as 22 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Her work is designed to smooth the transition from high school to college and careers for all students, and to enable them to thrive in their postsecondary pursuits. Furthermore, Maria Tarasuk has been an educator in Montgomery County Public Schools for twenty-nine years as a social studies teacher, curriculum writer, and currently, as the Pre-K through 12 Supervisor of Social Studies.  She oversees the Finance Park Junior Achievement program at all the county middle schools as well as financial literacy instruction as part of the high school government course that is required for graduation.

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