I’m taking care of others, but I also need to do what’s necessary to take care of myself.

Right now, your life is about using your expertise to shape the worldview of generations to come. While you put so much effort into caring for others, you can’t afford to let your personal financial situation slip. It’s time to take care of yourself, too.

The retirement benefits available to teachers often contain hidden fees that are difficult to uncover. You need a fiduciary advisor by your side, whose only commitment is to protecting your financial interests—and never in making a hefty profit off your retirement account.

Is my current retirement account serving my best interests?

How can I create a financial plan that protects me now and sets me up for success later?

Am I getting all the tax benefits I should be when I self-fund projects or materials for classes?

Are my income and current retirement contributions enough to fund the type of retirement I want?

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