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We live in a fascinating time. The biggest wealth transfer in history is beginning, as Millennials will soon become the wealth bearing demographic in this county.  Not surprisingly, as we pointed out in a recent blog post, personal finance is a huge issue for many Millennials. But where can a Millennial turn for advice?

Goals, dreams, jobs, family plans, etc. are going to vary widely, but there a few common themes that seem relevant across the spectrum. We constantly write on many of these issues, so decided to summarize the topics for you and answer some of those nagging questions.


  • Getting started is often the hardest part. Beginning a savings plan early is key, which makes planning all the more important. We constantly preach the importance of determining your short, intermediate and long term goals and then focusing on creating a plan on how to achieve them. Having the “money conversation” is a great way to get started. Remember, it’s not how much you make, but how much you save. Read more here on getting started with the money conversation.


  • Student Loans/Debt – A common financial hurdle for many millennials is navigating student loans. So how do you determine if your focus should be on accelerating the payoff of that debt or maximizing saving instead? We wrote about that here.



  • Knowing Who to Trust – Even if you understand the advantages of investing in the stock market, it’s not always easy to find a professional you can trust. A recent facebook study shows that over 50% of millennials have no one to trust for financial guidance.


FB Study

Source: insights.fb.com


A few months back we wrote a piece titled “Why Go Where Your Money’s Not Wanted” that touches on the point of many financial institutions turning down Millennials as clients. Most of the corporate institutions prefer high-net worth clients because it creates “efficiencies of scale” and a higher profit margin on larger trades. As frustrating as the requirement for a high minimum balance is for first time investors, it’s actually one of the main reasons I created Sherman Wealth Management. It was important to me to make sure top notch financial advice was available to anyone and everyone,  particularly to those who are starting out on the path to wealth accumulation. We created this guide to make sure you are asking your potential financial advisors the right questions to determine if they are right for you. – 6 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor


  • Marriage – Getting married is more than just substituting the word “ours” for “yours” and “mine”. It’s combining your finances, histories, dreams, aspirations, possessions – even your music – and making all of that “ours” too. If you have started to think about marriage, or are married already, there are a few financial discussions you should be sure you have.  Since a significant part of those pre-marital dreams and aspirations involve money, having multiple financial conversations before marriage (or right after, if you’re newlyweds!) can help you start married life on a firmer footing, with regard to financial goals. Here are two blogs we wrote for those getting married or already married.


  • Buying a house – There are studies out there saying that Millennials are not buying houses. A prudent home purchase often can be one of the most stable and solid investments a young person can make. So why the hesitation? Some Millennials wonder if given the rate increase and current market turmoil – if this is really the right time to purchase a first home, or if renting makes more sense for you right now? We wrote about this exact topic here.


  • Kids – Babies change your life in many ways, including requiring large amounts of time and money. While you may already be thinking about childcare costs and options, or about paying the medical bills that accompanied your new child, there are several other – important – financial considerations you should be thinking about even before the new baby arrives – 5 Planning Tips for New Parents


If this all seems overwhelming, don’t be discouraged. Personal finance is a journey and everyone is going to take a slightly different path. Taking the initiative to educate yourself on these topics is a great 1st step.

We are passionate about improving financial literacy in our society which is why we try to write blogs like these that will be useful to those trying to navigate the rocky waters on personal finance. If there are additional topics you would like us to write about, we would love to hear your thoughts! Email us at info@shermanwealth.com.


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